Since the start of fall, numerous landscaping projects were done by a lot of people almost everywhere because it’s the ideal season to start one. Various inspirations have been used to remodel existing lawn and transform it into beautiful masterpieces of green, luscious and appealing landscaping with pops of colors.


I know you are planning as well to give your home a new touch this season, but as you develop plans regarding this project, may it be remodeling or starting a new one, you might want as well consider safety measures to avoid any unforeseen accidents that may harm you or others working in the area; as what the common signage says, “safety first”.


Indeed, landscaping projects are pretty good stuff to anticipate and it keeps you excited just having the thought of it. On the other hand, it can pose threat if not carefully planned, handled and done. This is not how it’s supposed to be, harm or danger can be prevented if necessary safety precautions are being followed, especially if you prefer DIY or just doing some tasks on your own before the landscape contractors assume work.


So now, in order to transform your lawn into a work of art in a remarkable and accident-freeway, here are safety precautions you have to observe.


Safety from Hazardous Materials

Landscaping projects involve a lot of tasks, you will be exposed to various hazardous materials such as hand and power tools, lawn mower, pesticides, and chemicals. It is highly advised for you to take safety measures by disposing of these materials and chemicals in specific ways.


Strictly follow safe handling instructions that are included in the label in order to avoid cuts, burns, and even possible amputations. Make sure to keep materials and tools away and placed in a particular corner especially when there are children living with you.


Secure The Area

Coordinate with your contractors as well as workers and ask them to tape off areas where it is unsafe for you to walk through. This could allow you to walk around the areas of your landscaping project safely.


Keep children and pets away from the working area and place signs or cones to indicate so. Signs can also give warning to people not to smoke, drink, eat or play around the area where there are hazardous materials.


Prevent Airborne Dust

Place appropriate controls to refrain dust from spreading during the lawn renovation and/or repair activity. There are various ways wherein you can prevent airborne dust such as using a mist of water to keep the particles from floating around the home and seal off the room to create a barrier. You can also apply plastic sheeting to the surfaces to prevent contamination.


Whenever you’re remodeling concrete walkways or another exterior which also concerns your landscaping project, it’s important that the dust should be controlled in order not to cause harm such as allergies to your family and neighbors.


Keep Space Clean

Proactively wipe down and clean the working area as much as possible to get rid of remaining dust particles as well as debris. To do this, you can sweep or use vacuum frequently during the day and at the end of the day.


Assign heavy-duty plastic bags wherein clutter, debris and swept off dust can be contained to keep the whole area clean. When dealing with inorganic fertilizers, always keep them sealed when not in use and keep it stored in a specific area in your house.


Electrical Safety Precautions

Electrical works are always important when doing landscaping projects but you have to be very careful as well because it is dangerous working around it. Yes, adding exterior lighting to your projects adds curb appeal and it definitely creates a cozy mood. However, when electricity is concerned, a single mistake can be very perilous.


For this, it is highly recommended to hire professional electricians or experienced exterior lighting installers to do the job. There are various tips for electrical safety that you can follow; for example, you should not overcrowd a socket and keep a dry area for electrical works. Also, there are rules for low-voltage lighting that you should take time to understand and observe in your landscaping.


Inspect Equipment

Before you start mowing your lawn for your project, make sure that the blades are sharp. A dull blade is far more dangerous than a sharp one because the user has to exert a lot more force to get the job done. To protect yourself and landscapers working on your project from repetitive-stress injuries, it’s important to keep all hand tools in good working order.


Moreover, it’s important that you identify your power tools, like tillers, blowers, mowers, and trenchers. Once you’ve done that, you have to follow the maintenance of each tool. If not, it can lead to malfunction and cause severe injuries. So, always read and understand the manual.


Also, whenever you attempt to fix or repair any power tool, don’t forget to turn the machine off first. Negligence to do as such can cause tragic amputations from the spinning blades in lawnmowers and other tools.


Wear Safety Gear

Wearing of safety gear when working is the most important thing you have to bear in mind in every industry where building, renovating and construction is involved, it is highly required. Of course, you’ll be handling chemicals, tools and a lot of stuff, so, it’s better to keep yourself protected.


There are a lot of different types of protective gear items that can be helpful with keeping you safe such as face masks, glasses, chemical-resistant gloves and helmet. These items can protect you from dust, debris, and other workplace hazards.


You have to be very responsible and at the same time careful enough to follow these guidelines for your safety as well as the safety of other people involved in this project. Failure to comply with these preventive measures may lead to minor and even serious physical injuries. The odds may not be always in your favor but you always have the upper hand if you choose to do the right thing.
Taking these precautions will not only help you transform your front yard into a magical landscape in a beautifully in a safe manner but as well help you save money through avoiding accidents to happen. It would feel really good to accomplish your goal in time and with no worries!