Container gardening is a growing hobby among homeowners. Surprisingly, even those that have big spaces available in their homes engage in container gardening. However, there are a lot of common mistakes that need to be avoided. Among these mistakes is the fear of mixing and matching plants.

Some people are tied down to using one plant variety and arranging them in one row. This can be boring and plain to look at although these are done according to personal preference. However, mixing and matching different plants and sizes of containers can be a fun ordeal.

You get a lot of options to choose from and beautiful colored plants to look at the moment their flowers bloom. Other mistakes that should be avoided are those that people often disregard as unimportant. Nevertheless, these should be identified as they may hinder growth and abundance in your plants. Here are some of the mistakes that you need to know:

1. Don’t use an extra large container in the wrong place. If you want to have big plants, be sure to find the suitable location for a large container. You wouldn’t want to stress yourself in carrying these huge containers in case you want to transfer your plant’s location.
2. Don’t use sick or weak plants. In getting your container garden started, be sure to use healthy plants. You will be having a hard time if you start planting sickly plants. It will cause you a lot of efforts in keeping them alive and a lot of money for fertilizers just to feed them enough nutrients to sustain their lives. If you are new to gardening, ask someone who has experience in this endeavor in choosing the right, healthy plants that you can use.
3. Fear of Pruning. Your plants will eventually grow and can exceed the size of your container. This should be trimmed down to match the size of the pot where they are planted. However, some homeowners are afraid to prune their plants thinking they might cut down the wrong portions. The moment your plants start to look leggy or ragged, you can get them trimmed. Your plants will eventually grow back healthier and more abundance can be expected.
4. Not Providing Your Plant’s Basic Needs. Like humans, plants also need adequate sunlight, water, food (fertilizer) and shelter. They should not be overly exposed to sunlight as they can wither easily. However, there are plants that thrive best in sunny and dry conditions. That is why it is advised that you get to know your plant habits to successfully carry on with your container gardening. Be sure to keep levels of water appropriate when you feed your plants as they cannot get drowned or under watered. Potted plants also need fertilizer for added nutrients as the potting mix you use may not have substantial amounts of it. Plants also need to be sheltered especially during season changes. When winter comes, you have to prepare where to relocate your container gardens as the snow and harsh winds can cause damage to your plants.
5. Failure to Examine Your Environment. This is usually a common mistake that should be avoided. Prior to buying seeds for a container garden project, you have to thoroughly assess the kind of environment you live in. This will help you determine which kinds of plants to use and their mortality rate given the condition of the climate where you are in.

The kind of container gardening you implore should also be based with your personality. This will get you more interested in what you do compare to following the trends of your peers or neighbors. For instance, if big pots are in yet you are highly interested in small flowering shrubs, don’t go with the flow just because the majority is doing it.

Experimenting can also be fun with container gardening. Keep in mind that this kind of endeavor can house a lot of errors that are controllable. Don’t feel but if one of your plants die as this will help you assess what went wrong in the entire process. It will also help you to learn from the experience to help you avoid incurring the same mistake in the long run.